More Donnie

More Donnie shot by //d. for A City Like Ours

Donnie Dunne (again) – Rocket Bakery – Water Street

He Has such a weathered face I had to shoot him again, this time I got him under some harsh afternoon light while he sat to talk to Colin and a couple of friends. Check out our Double Donnie post made during portrait week a few months ago.

This is bound to happen though, there’s so many recurring characters that stroll our downtown streets.

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    • It was actually 400iso Kodak portra, NC with a black and white conversion. 🙂 the contrast is mostly due to the harsh afternoon sun.


  1. I am viewing this image from Tashkent, Uzbekistan where I live and work. Donnie was my first cousin and a cultural icon in the adjoining cities of St. John’s and Mount Pearl, Newfoundland. He passed away yesterday, Friday 13, 2017. Considering the difficult circumstances he grew up in, it is extraordinary that he spent his life spreading love, warmth, acceptance and comfort to so many simply by being in there presence.


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