Fogtown Barber

Chris from fogtown barber shot by //d. For A City Like Ours

Chris From Fogtown Barber & shop – Water Street at Prescott

I want to end this year with a new beginning that has elements of our cities past. Chris is a really great PROPER Barber and i’ve been waiting for the fogtown shop to open since I saw their handbill last month. I went there to get my mountain man beard trimmed back to a presentable base for the next few months of grow out.

As we were speaking I commented on how great his vintage Belmont Barber chair looked, and it turns out, this is one of the chairs I used to sit in as a child to get my hair cut. Chris bought it off of the former owners of the family barber that for ages was my dads go to shop for his cuts. it used to be located across the street from the war memorial on Duckworth Street. My two brothers and I went there with him on many occasion when we were pint sized brats.

It was a great experience with a really fun tidbit of nostalgia. I really wish the gang over there well into the new year and In A City Like Ours, I have no doubts that everyone else will have a Happy New Year as well!

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